Do you doodle? I do.

Well this is awkward. I set out to research the pervasive activity of ‘doodling’, expecting a plethora of wellbeing benefits in the vein of mindful colouring or mandala drawing. What I found was a swag of web pages extolling the virtues of doodling, but little to no scientific evidence to back up their claims. OfContinue reading “Do you doodle? I do.”

Mandala colouring

Colouring for adults What little kid doesn’t love colouring. But somewhere between thinking their parents are the coolest humans in the multiverse, and getting their PhD in tweenage eye-rolling, small humans abandon this simple joy in favour of texting, TV and TikTok (it’s not just a biscuit, parents). In recent years, though, there’s been aContinue reading “Mandala colouring”