How We Do It

Creative arts and wellbeing

Human beings have been making art for over 40,000 years, since people first scratched symbols on rocks and daubed clay on cave walls. There’s now considerable scientific evidence that arts-based activities involving music, visual arts, dance, and literature have significant positive effects on wellbeing. The Arts can bring people pleasure and enjoyment, encourage self-exploration and reflection, improve mental and physical health, provide social engagement, and promote personal growth, healing and transformation.

At Positive Seeds, we run fun and accessible creative arts activities that increase community engagement and support people’s wellbeing, from mandala colouring to expressive writing classes. All activities are grounded in the science of positive psychology and underpinned by evidence-based practice.

Permaculture and wellbeing

Permaculture is a method for designing human communities that are livable, interconnected, and that work in harmony with the patterns and systems of nature. The permaculture lifestyle is a rewarding way for people to live more sustainably. The ethics and guidelines set out in the permaculture approach align perfectly with the tenets of positive psychology and scientific theories of wellbeing, and readily promote what positive psychology calls ‘the good life’; that is, a lifestyle that encourages resilience, self-efficacy, collaboration, health, and intrinsic motivation.

Positive Seeds undertakes a range of workshops and activities that employ a permaculture approach, from gardening classes and fermenting workshops, to talks on environmental wellbeing and the human connection with nature.

Positive psychology: the science of human wellbeing

Positive psychology is the science of human flourishing. It uses scientific investigation and evidence-based practice to better understand the positive, creative, adaptive, and inspiring aspects of human behaviour. Positive psychology practitioners assume that every person has the ability to be happy and thrive, if given the right conditions and support.

The activities and interventions used at Positive Seeds are grounded in the principles of positive psychology. They’re designed to promote happiness as well as help people deal with life’s difficulties by drawing on their own innate strengths and resources.

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